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I am more into the developing relationship system.

This is where things start to fall apart though. They are looking at it from the wrong end. We don't need a *system* for relationships, we need fully fleshed out companions who are their own people and work from there. Having a system like in DA:O is actually detrimental to the whole thing. They should naturally react to our surroundings and decisions which befits their character and the context.

What I was saying about the "developing relationship system" is I think what Larian wants for the Love&Hate stretch goal is that we can REACT or respond to their decisions or the choices you make throughout the game and develop more dialogue options with them. Which is "naturally" being able to react with them.

For example without that stretch goal, we might only hear their thoughts and their decisions but we cannot respond or just say yes or no. That is very natural which you are talking about and either way I do not mind as I agree that the companions must be fleshed out and react naturally in the game and I think that is what they are aiming for without the stretch goal and that was the system I was talking about.

Example that might be without the stretch goal: Gweyyn: "I hate you, you killed my brother" and the only respond you may have is "I will take my leave" - I just hope we have more dialogue options without the stretch goal.

OR she wont care when killing her brother at front of her, as it's just a NPC.

I think thats what they are actually aiming for with the relationship system especially when some origins can clash together. Though this is also confusing as you can be Gweyyn and kill your own family and your party reacted to do that, I think I just went to a whole different level with the relationship system.

So yeah I am not sure how they will be developing the Love&Hate but I think we have to wait for more info when the mod goal is reached and I am sure what you just suggest is what they are aiming to do without the stretch goal.