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I am more into the developing relationship system.

This is where things start to fall apart though. They are looking at it from the wrong end. We don't need a *system* for relationships, we need fully fleshed out companions who are their own people and work from there. Having a system like in DA:O is actually detrimental to the whole thing. They should naturally react to our surroundings and decisions which befits their character and the context.

I totally agree with you.
I play KotoR2 again. There and in many other games (NWN2, DA:O, . . .) I feel the game forces you to play the mini game:

Guess what answers like your companions most.

If you guess wrong you reload and try again.

Dialogue should never be a mini game. Not for reputation (see examples above) and not for perks (like D:OS1) Dialogue choices must make sense in the context of this specific situation, including the reaction of companions with their own personality.

I think with the system I have seen in the videos they are on the right way. Your char has several tags, some from background, some from skills, some from you behaviour, some can change and some not. So you are human, noble, female, mage, cruel and deceptive.

This reminds me of PoE. While the system of PoE is not perfect, it is much better than many other things I have seen. It does have some problems however. You can be honest and deceptive at the same time and when you talk to somebody he likes you because you are known for being honest and in the next moment the same person dislikes you because you are known for being deceptive.

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