Regarding the beginning of D:OS2:
There are 100 people in a prison and 4 of them escape.
One of them is created by the player.
This means you can have 0 to 3 companions.

Does it mean that if you play single player, you can choose who escapes together with you and you have a selection of several companions to choose from? something like this:

you say: "Ok, I have arranged that we can hide in a box and somebody will smuggle the box out at night. There is only room for 4 people in the box. I take the human mage, the dwarf warrior and the elf archer with me. Sorry lizard priest and undead rogue, have a nice purging."

This does not really feel right. But if the game gives us a random selection of up to 3 chars ( of several pre made companions) this does not feel good either.

I do not have a god solution for this but I am not a writer for games.

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