Hello people, especially modders.
As you may know, the next stretch goal of the kickstarter in "Full mod support".
There is something less than 25k to go so I'm pretty confident about us reaching it.

The point of this topic is to gather data on what you, modders, want to have for the brand new Divinity Engine that we will release with DOS2.

There are a lot of data here and there but it could be great to have everything in the same topic. It'll be easier for us at Larian to see what we can do and prioritize. We have already ideas on what we want to tweak from the tool we are now using but at some point, we will, like I've said in the AMA, ask you, people of the community, what you want to have.

So? What's up?

PS: Bring modders who are posting on DOS1 forum on this topic too! Thanks.

-- EDITOR --

- Drop-in friendly
- Include generic version of systems used
- Multi-mod support
- Unlocked main campaign
- Fix Reload stats
- Make cheat commands works
- Undo on terrain manipulation
- Terrain prefabs
- Standalone mod template that contains the important scripts and everything set up for modding
- Edit and add talents
- Custom loot drops
- Crafting recipes
- Crafting abilities/skills
- Don't rely on 3rd party for packing and unpacking
- More Flexible Atmosphere Control
- Visual Effects Editor
- Script Debugging
- 3dsmax export/import
- Example max rigged meshes
- Mod load orders
- Standard format for textures
- More friendly quest editor
- Hotkeys
- Better Wall Editor
- Models/textures viewer inside editor
- Allow users to save and load how they set up their editor windows
- Remember the last position of all the windows
- Respawn timer's on encounters
- Source files (.lsm) available for materials
- More prefabs
- Easy to manipulate stats
- Support open file formats
- Ability to increase party size
- Ability to create a custom UI
- Custom Races/Classes at Character Creation
- Global and local music
- Import character face pictures
- Increase the limit of mods the game can run
- Easy and clear triggers
- Easy to use subroutines
- Reset the level so you can try things over and over again
- Terrain resize
- Ability to merge source files
- Plugin support

-- OTHER --
- Video and text tutorials
- Editor wiki
- Modding contest with prizes
- Youtube serie
- Mods website (Nexus?)
- Release the mod tools along with the alpha/beta versions of the game
- Online database of assets