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But the #1 most important thing I would say is the editor should be as drop-in friendly as possible.

Include a generic version of all (or the most practical) systems used in the game.

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Simple multi-mod support where people can activate multiple mods that affect the main campaign at once, instead of requiring people to merge mods.

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For the love of muffins please make undo work for terrain manipulation.

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Let us edit and add talents. And an in-editor way to edit character or item stats would be cool. More freedom on the kind of stats that can be tied to items would be nice. And the ability to add new item types

Provide us all the tools we need
It's odd that we were reliant on Norbyte's packing and unpacking tool just to be able to get off the ground with modding. These things should be built into the editor or released with it.

More Flexible Atmosphere Control

It seems a number of us have been interested in having day/night cycles. There are some things you could do to make it a LOT easier for us. Please give us a way to "kick" the atmosphere trigger after we change its setting so that we don't have to do unholy source magic to make the camera move, or be forced to delay the transition until a character moves, etc. Right now, if you change the atmosphere value for a trigger, it doesn't being to visually update until the camera moves.

I also think it would be terrific if a level could be associated with a series of atmospheres without using atmosphere triggers. In this case, the entire level could be told to transition to a new atmosphere and individual atmosphere triggers could still be used if you want to override an atmosphere in a particular zone.

Visual Effects Editor

It looks like there is a missing plugin for creating/previewing visual effects. Why did we never get this? I'm not talking about the material editor, rather the mushroom cloud that unfortunately really blows up with pressing it. smile

Script Debugging

It would be awsesome to have a more fully functional IDE for Osiris (breakpoints, code indexing and cross-referencing, etc). For starters, it would be helpful to improve debug logging to be able to pass in formatted arguments so we can log values of variables and such to a file for debugging.

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