Oh, the example I mentionned was more in case the game urges you to choose fast because the guards are coming, but actually leaves you all the time in the world. It's a fairly commonly accepted thing in videogames that always bothered me. Fake feeling of urgency. Either make it real or don't do it !
I'm perfectly okay with escaping with a few companion of misfortune smile

By the way, and because I like off-topicing, one game that totally fits the description for the LND is probably the Last of Us. I never played a game that I found so frustrating : the girl loudly running everywhere or engaging in casual chatting during infiltration moments where silence is very important, pushing you out of the way to take your place ( I actually died once to that ), was a real immersion breaker. And since TLOU was supposed to be an immersice, ambience-based game, it was a clear deal breaker.

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