What I want to see? ;P

Don't use *rad game tools GR2 binary format* give us the actual 3dsmax export/import scripts and example max rigged mesh for character, weapons and monsters, and allow load orders (aka, mods load one after another, latest changes are overwritten to create merged end-result.. Result= more than 1 *mod* (not campaign) usable). Use FBX or actually accepted standard formats. Don't reverse the darn channel orders in your dds TEXTURES (especially in normal maps), the standard format is *RGBA* <3

Ask yourself this.
How much skill is needed to *add 1 new weapon* that properly drops as loot in the loot tables, can be used by a character and has proper stats and effects.

How much skill is needed to add a new monster with new animation/mesh/AI/Sound

And try to fix these modding problems with ease of use features and *proper templates* (templates meaning, source MAX files so that we can see rigging and grouping and everything else that needs to be done to add a new creature into D:OS). As long as modders can not create new monsters, or re-add them from their Skyrim mods, activity is likely going to be near zero.