The quest editor/creator needs to be friendly, similar to how you guys say you've redone the dialogue editor. If someone wants to set up a 'pick up apple' fetch quest, that shouldn't take hours of time to do with lots of excessive writing that doesn't even have to do with the dialogue.

I'd like the ability to import 3D models into the game engine to be straightforward with a lot of documentation to help new model builders and their efforts to bring their own creations to the engine (this means defining what 'weight' means, the proper way that models should be rigged, how animations are defined, and etc.)

What would be cool (not required, but an idea) is to have an internal scripting interface that modders can interact with and be able to create their own tools (and share them; i.e. custom wizards) and automate tasks (re. click on a custom button on the toolbar and it does something).