1. Hotkey's! Hotkey's in a program make everything easy and allow you to work fast, like changing from moving terrain up to moving terrain down with 1 keyboard press makes life so much easier. Also make a hotkey layout!

2. Wall and house thing is pretty buggy right now, probably already fixed. (Once had to delete the entire file that stored the buildings to save my map and redo all buildings)

3. Ask users if they are sure the want to delete the terrain. (Or make undo work on it) You can't Ctrl+Z it and if you forgot to save things before you are forced to just exit without saving.

4. For tools that do the same like the terrain edit tools (raising, flatting, lowering, smoothing) make the right click options in 1 screen that just changes when you select another tool. Also replace the numbers with sliders (would be awsome)

6. Not sure if you can do it now somehow, but if you paint like grass or rocks in the instance painter I would really like to edit them separately after they have been placed.

7. View models/textures... inside the editor!

8. Allow users to save and load how they set up their editor windows. Also remember the last position of all the windows.

9. Allow editing of spells, items,... inside the editor.

10. And off course an entire youtube serie where you show how you did make like the first hour of the orginal game from start.

Will probably come up with some more later, will post them here.

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