I shall read more about LND then, as I'm not sure I see a difference between Hope and Ellie. They made Hope an acceptable combat companion but stuck a weakling personnality on him, which doesn't make sense ; Ellie is a vulnerable little girl whose lazy programming contradicts the game's main objective which is protecting her. Maybe the difference comes from the fact that Ellie's programming was done so because they tried to give her a realistic behaviour but failed, while for Hope they just disregarded the character's personnality and still purposefully made him a fighter ?
I'm quite interested in that LND thing, as I always try to analyze why I didn't like an otherwise popular media ( game or movie ), and this would give me another tool to understand ( although it only works for videogames ). That said, I've been sleeping 3h a night for the last three nights, so my braincells are kind of fried right now ! =)

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