Sorry, I have not played TLOU or any FF after 12.

Lacrymas, what is the difference between "story and gameplay segregation" and LND? As I have written before, I assume LND means that the game story wants you to do something but the game mechanics force you to do something else. An extreme example would be that the game tells you that you are the hero who tries to save the world and wants to help everyone, but the game encourages you to kill and plunder everything for exp and loot. In fact, D:OS1 does it a lot. You can steal everything and there are several situations where you get exp for solving something peacefully and then you kill them anyway for even more exp. I have never heard the term LND before and the wikipedia article in not very helpful.


Dr Koin, I agree that the false urgency in many games is very annoying. Someone tells you: We are under attack by an army of orcs. You must come at once!" You agree, then you do 10 other quests, go shopping and you discuss with your companion the history of philosophy from stone age to post apocalyptic sci fi. Then you finally kill the orcs and save everyone.

D:OS has turn based combat (= slow) and Larian focuses on world exploration. This does not fit well with situations where you have to react fast in real time. There in a good example in Dragonfall. Terrorists place bombs in the sewers. When you enter the sewers (= start the quest) you have 10 turns to disarm 3 bombs. If you take too long it makes BOOM and its game over. It feels a bit strange that you run around and disarm bombs while terrorists shoot at you (you do not have the time to kill all of them first), but it does produce real urgency in a combat system very similar to D:OS.

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