The most important thing about LNDs is that they aren't avoidable. In D:OS you were portrayed as the heroes, but you weren't forced to do anything bad, so there's no LND there. Ellie was made in such a way as to not obstruct gameplay. She isn't ever attacked or heard by the NPCs during gameplay. LNDs usually happen when the writing is lazy and sloppy. It also depends on the context - you might be heroes but the story puts you in such a situation as to be unavoidable to do bad things. If done right that would be a great storytelling tool.

The sense of urgency can be written as such on purpose and can be used as a local climactic point. It separated by gameplay doesn't diminish its tension all that much, it only diminishes if you stay put on purpose and find out that it isn't all that urgent. I.e. perspective :p They can make it timed of course, but if they play their cards right it wouldn't be necessary.