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What's more, it's precisely what Lacrymas despises : you choose to go to A or go to B, by clicking on a map instead of choosing in a drop down menu but it's all the same really.



But really I find WL2 to be a ... waste, haha. Maybe the enhanced edition will be better but I'm not going to try and find out. I don't know whether it's free or I have to buy it again, I just don't care about it anymore...

Wasteland 2 mummified me from boredom.


And Chris Avellone ? Well, I'm kinda sad for Larian's team of writers. I already voiced how I wasn't thinking it was an interesting idea to bring him along, so no need to do it again. At least he will only do 1 origin story. I'd like to know which one after I finished the game, so that maybe I'll corrected if it happened I chose that one and really liked it, otherwise I'm not that big on the man.

If the origin stories are the way I think (hope) they are going to be. I.e. they are explored and expanded throughout the game, Chris would be a perfect fit.