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The Luculla Mines thing was contrived, though. That's a perfect example of how NOT to do tension right.

I agree, I said it was a little clunky. I guess I should have said "very clunky".

Urgency may work well in some games, but it just can't work well in freedom-heavy games like D:OS. The creators don't want to cut you off from completing quests because of one choice you make, which restricts what the consequences of choices will be. Multiplayer and freedom of movement also make urgency difficulty to accomplish.

The teleporter pyramids, button-to-teleport-to-stronghold, and free escaping as long as you are not right nest to an enemy all wreak havoc with the writer/designers' ability to create the threat of a situation where you might get in too deep to get out.

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On a grander scale (like the Divine Magisters about to arrive in the D:OS 2 prototype), it introduces world-changing consequences. I mean, what would happen if the Magisters arrive? It shouldn't be simply game over, since that again seems to be bad design. Instead, players might no longer be able to walk about in the open, additional enemies would be roaming the island, certain areas could be blocked off, etc.

None of that will happen because the Divine Magisters will never arrive. They'll always be arriving tomorrow. Tomorrow will never come.

But that does bring up an interesting point. I think it would be interesting if there were some maps which are perpetually at one time throughout the entire thing. Like one map which takes place at night and it is night throughout the whole thing.