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That's called "bad design" and "hand-holding consolitis". I.e. BiowEAre.

Heh. Been avoiding them like the plague ever since DA:O. Although mostly for their stance on DRM. But there wasn't anything about the games to make me reconsider either.

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Failure also doesn't mean the "game over" screen, though that is one state of failure.

Exactly. I do have hopes that with the competitive gameplay present in D:OS 2, there will be more opportunity for failure in single player mode. Simply because there'll be alternative solutions available that allow for failure to be fun.

Actually, the things I remember most from D:OS were my failures:
The first was with the two drunks at the entrance of Cyseal, which I ended up killing, feeling guilty afterwards. Then the ship that sank, which really surprised me. At least it opened a follow-up quest. Dealing with the Orc girl also was a failure. And later, declining Brandons quest turned out a finite choice. No change of mind allowed.

All of those were great (because unexpected and therefore surprising), but still, chances for failure were few and far between. Having more of them would definitely make for a more intense experience.