Funny, I was thinking about this earlier today, but wasn't sure how to share my ideas.

I suggest getting a copy of NWN 1 and 2 and poking around in those toolsets. Check out the features and how they work. Check out to property editor and the scripting. I don't want nor expect some perfect 1:1 copy of the Aurora/Electron tools. Instead I'd like you to take inspiration from those editors and really cater to the modding community of that game. There is incredible talent in that community and if you entice them with your engine you can have something huge on your hands.

The original Divinity editor had a lot of potential in that regard, but it felt limited. I'm glad you've fixed things up and added some features. You're almost there, just need more freedom and ease of use in your editor. Documentation is always great, but wizards (not the magical kind), prefabs, and easily accessible properties settings on entities really go long way at getting amateurs interested.

Pretty much, you want a new user to be able to make a simple, basic mod with a few clicks. Meanwhile, you have some advanced ways for an experienced user to have complete control of the module.