1. Tutorials and easy setup.
2. Have the main game editable. Add assets, quests, items easily.
3. Be able to make own maps.
4. Easy to manipulate stats and other gameplay tweaks.
5. Whoever is host, custom files are sent automatically to those that join that host for that session. No fuss to muss.
6. Workshop.

A good editing tool will have mods available to download day one, see that other leading game. Small tweaks sure, but those are great tweaks to enhance gameplay. Firm believer that modding results have to happen quickly to build modding momentum in the community. Total conversations are longshots, in the meantime small hitters to add to the games start-up list will be more common to be finished and use by the players.

Example of mods:
1. Combat Speed mod.
2. Move Speed mod.
3. Harder Sneaking mod.
4. Higher difficulty mod.
5. Treasure Hunt mod.
6. New Evil Tower mod with quest line.
7. Homestead mod.
8. New Skin mods.
9. New Item mods.
10. Better Crafting mods.
11. Enhanced Inventory mod.
12. Enhanced Skill Bar mod.
13. Higher Rez Mod.
14. Nude Mod.
15. Add Rocket launchers mod.

To me the blueprint is out there and that is how it goes and every so often you'll get a Total Conversion mod. Everybody ahead of release dreams of the great american mod, I'm going to do one etc... And most never happen and the ones that do take a lot of time, most players are looong gone. So I aim lower with modding actual main game with quick hitters. We can pick and choose from a list of those to enhance the game.

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