I am no modder but I just wanted to post this as reminder.
Way back at the DOS1 KS Swen mentioned something I just want to refresh once more.
As they showed the power of the DOS1 editors they used, they recreated the starting village of the very first Larian game Divine Divinity with the whole dungeon below the village.

He said they do NOT plan to make any remake but that they would support fans if they would like to work on such a monumental task as DOS1 and DD used basically the same scripts (as hard that is to believe after that many years to me but I am no coder.).

Who knows? Maybe Larian might be interested to support a fan based project, similar to the 'Black Mesa' fan remake from Valve for an anniversary edition of DD one day.

Swen said they could supply such a project with the scripts from DD and I am sure they could help a bit with their expertise in project management.
At least that would be a chance for Larian not to make excellent games but also 'pollinate' the indie industry with some additional fresh blood who could work as supportive team for Larian or aid even other small studios with their expertise down the road.

Larian could even profit from it with some future add-ons to their staff when the project ever gets wrapped up and/or could create some co-subsidiary or affiliate department for the future.

Just some thoughts in case there are still people which would be interested in such a mega project.

Ideals are like stars. We might never reach them. But we can set our course by them.