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We need all dwarf lovers to help us win the fight against KING Art dwarves.
Check Larian update on Twitter and Facebook.

Larian Dwarves for the win!


So, out of curiosity, what exactly does the figting involve? ;-)

Who knows?
Braiding beards contests?
Drinking contests?
Wet elf-shirt contests?
axe throwing contests?
Brawling events?

So many choices...*oops as he spills some ale over Elwyn*

Oh my, how clumsy of me, I am terrible sorry, dear. 0:)
*hands Elwyn a handkerchief*

Who knows? Maybe they can make later make a little Dwarven encounter mod where King Art Dwarves meet Larian Dwarves and the Larian Dwarves can help the KA ones with their elf problem as their elves are really not the friendliest kind.

Ideals are like stars. We might never reach them. But we can set our course by them.