One thing (as a customer to modders) that I'd like to see is if there is a hosting website for various mods. Since I haven't created any game mods myself, I don't know how big those files can be. If they go over a certain file size, then perhaps we can use bit torrent to share the files until they are no longer in high demand. The website would only host the torrent file until a week or two goes by where most of the download traffic will have ended, then there can be a download link for the mod directly from the file server. You could still leave the torrent file link active just incase people would rather share that way.

I think this would be a lot easier for customers as we wouldn't have to find discussion threads or individual websites. The author of the mod would also be able to upload a few screenshots and a brief description of the mod. Zeldaclassic does something similar, although those files are pretty small to download. Zelda classic is a mod based off the original NES game.

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