First I have a question, if I do fiddle with DOS editor, will it be useful training for DOS2 editor ?

In the editor, I'd like to be able to change game assets, for example change colors for the ground.
Or can you make it easy to modify assets by opening the files with a text editor of sorts ?
Will you be adding new assets after the game is out ? New terrain, new walls, new theme-based stuff (Candy walls, Candy weapons and armors !)

If I work on a map on DOS:EE, will I be able to import it in DOS2 editor ? Maybe not everything, but part of it (terrain mostly) ?

Multi mod support has already been added to the list, but make it simple too.
As simple as copy/paste a file in a directory please smile
Or why not an interface in the game menu where you can simply see all mods in some given website and just check those you want to download and use.