Okay here's part of my big list:

1. Translated String Keys -

They are extremely easy to accidentally overwrite and there is no undo function.

Journal entries, the quest log, and corresponding TSK entries are a huge pain to deal with. Perhaps some sort of plugin could be made for the TSK which can auto populate the quest log file based on the TSK names under "Journal".

2. Keyword Editor stuff:

The "Recent Files" list does not persist when you close the window.

Conditions and Speaker entries - The first character in a dialog based on the call StartTwoSpeakerDialog is defined as character 0 for the purpose of conditions. But every where else it's referenced it's called 1, specifically the speaker entry list.

The call StartFiveSpeakerDialog works, but the keyword editor only supports 4 speakers.

Suggestion: Have an option to automatically generate local flag conditions for each node based on the name of the node so that they do not appear again after picking them. Obviously this would not be appropriate for all dialogs so it would need to be an option.

3. Interface Issues:

All menus that use the "red pin" functionality to populate entries between interfaces are incredibly annoying.

Some sidebar/script entries are drop lists, others are typed in. I think they should all be drop lists. Example: Alignment field on the sidebar grabs the list from the alignments file displays that drop list. Same for Treasure tables.

Stats entries - It does have a nice drop list, but without actually knowing what each stat selection does it's pretty useless. There should be a way to see what the stats are without whipping out the excel files.

Have a reference with the names of talents, abilities attributes, and skills. Along the same lines as stat entries, when you need to reference an ability in a call it's a huge pain because some of the under the hood names you guys use don't line up with the display name. Changing the under the hood name might be too much of a problem but just post a translation guide smile

Books - When you open a book, the first left hand page is always empty. Maybe realistic but it's annoying when you want to display two pages. There's no way to be sure the player will actually flip to the second page.

DisplayName - Can you make it so accent marks like á display properly when you mouse over characters and items? These work for books and journal files but not much else.

Make the editor remember your settings such as where certain pannels are located and what size they are. Add a reset to default option for when you break it.

4. Issues with various calls

Cameras and "CameraActivate" - This is a really neat call for creating scenes in mods, but the functionality is massively limited by it being timed only. A call that is also switchable and can use cameras would be great.

CharacterFreeze and playing animations for the Player character -
Getting the PCs to play animations via a call is a huge hassle.

5. Atmosphere and lighting.

I assume you guys know about atmosphere settings not changing if the player character isn't moving.

Add the ability to make light sources on the lightbulb panel global so you can set them on and off stage.

6. Modding specific functionality -

Ability to rename levels and the mod itself. Perhaps some sort of batch file could rename all the objects? I've seen the files and know it's a pain.

7. The instance painter.

This tool is really slick for creating maps fast, but it doesn't paint on the AI grid so it's not that useful.

Just a few questions I have:

What the hell does CheckoutSelectedObject() do?

What the hell does "Render Channel" do in the sidebar?

World Map renderer - how did you guys make all the roofs invisible? did you just move them off screen and take the picture?

Is there any functional reason for unchecking "stub" in the keyword editor?

**Obviously some of this might be invalid now since I'm working on the last published editor.

Originally Posted by norD
Originally Posted by Grompie
You should be able to reset the level so you can try things over and over again.

This is something I asked myself! We really need that ^__^

I think you can do this it's just a pain (common theme :P).
Story Editor>Reload story + cntl + r. The former resets globals, the latter resets everything else.

Well not EVERYTHING, as previously mentioned reload stats doesn't work.

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