Hey everyone!

I'm really surprised that this reached 2mil, and very excited! Recently Sword Coast Legends had a "Head Start" release where their DM Mode was available, and I was admittedly disappointed. Divinity's DM Mode will be well-timed and, hopefully, a great alternative to a limited system like SCL's.

Maybe some devs will post a thread later for ideas (as they did for mods), but it'd be great to brainstorm together here for our DM-mode expectations. n-Space has been facing significant backlash from their community because the community's anticipation did not match the product that was released. If we start dreaming now, I believe we can prevent the same type of calamity from happening here!

So, what would your dream DM-mode look like?

For myself, perhaps the 'picture' I see when imagining a DM mode is taking a total conversion mod (such as creating the Zelda universe) and plopping my players into that world with a great story that I've preplanned.

A few features I'd love:

1) Creating custom items that I either drop in chests, on enemies or...

2) On scripted events. DM-mode should 'play nice' with the editor. It'd be great if a module-designer could create a script function that a DM could apply on the fly.

To explain, let's use Zelda as an example. Link is in the Temple of Time, ready to pick up the sword. I, as the DM, don't want a player to be able to do this until I say so. A mod-designer COULD hard-code that 'x' conditions must be met for this sword to be picked up. BUT, preferably, he/she will implement a function whose conditions a DM sets. EG:

function isDestined () {
    if (!activeDM) {
        // some code if the mod is run without a DM 
    } else {
        return getIfDMConditions(target)   // some complex code (defined generically elsewhere) with flexible properties that allows a DM to set conditions

If you were able to implement a way for a modder to do this within the UI, that'd be great. Even with that, though, this form of scripting should still be available so we can get deep and create unique systems! Which brings me to my final point...

3) Extensibility. Even as awesome a DM mode as Larian is surely to create, it can't cover every contingency. It'd be optimal for DM mode itself to be moddable. To add plug-ins to DM mode to allow extended or fine-tuned functionality would cut down on production costs for the Larian team (to a certain degree) AND allow us to make some really great stuff!

Anyone else want to dream with me? What's your ideal DM mode?