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To get right into it: What do you guys think of the games master mode? I've never played pen and paper(some friends do or did) but won't it be hard to actually emulate the same kind of experience on computer? You can make your own dungeon, throw in some enemies, traps or puzzles but what about implementing stories or quests? It feels like it would be kind of hard to do this from a narrative perspective. You don't have the freedom of creating your own story because you will probably be working with templates and the narrative you create has to work within that context, or am I being to negative here. I'm asking how do you people think it will work.

Having done several D&D campaigns and (failed attempts to) set up a few, myself, this does look quite promising. Narrative can easily be done over voice such as Steam, Skype, TeamSpeak or Discord (I HIGHLY recommend Discord), which can save the GM plenty of time instead of having to type out scripts and interaction lines. It'll probably have easy drop-in NPCs and whatnot to it. The GM will no doubt have access to everyone's character sheet and it would be a lot more organized than sites like Roll20. The Engine will be the game's "Core Rulebook" that the GM will have access to tweak certain things if necessary. I'm actually considering bringing over my campaign ideas to it instead of Roll20.

Edit: As for quests, I assume the GM would also have access to bestowing items/XP to the party.

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