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So basically what I was thinking about. But still it can be very fun if you stopped playing the main campaign. But I feel like it will never give that satisfaction I get from evolving in a story and making a lasting choice(which 4 player co-op in the main story does seem to aiming at). I guess it will all depend on the freedom the editor provides.

Well, it may provide MORE satisfaction, it's all up to the Gamemaster =) Best case scenario, there is no difference for the players between the standard campaign and the gamemastered one. Story and interactions should have even more lasting consequences as the GM should be able to virtually change anything to reflect his players' choices, instead of having to rely on preprogrammed scripts that may feel sometimes awkward ( the standard DOS2 campaign *will* be like this )
It should be the ultimate freedom experience, as long as the GM can provide! =)

Do you know maybe OCTGN ? It's a program that enables you to play any card game online. I played some Android: Netrunner over OCTGN. The rules are there because someone programmed them in, but you can also perfectly do everything manually. Declare you start a run on the corp servers, let the other guy rez an ice or not, everyone calculates his own costs, etc. It's virtually a blank slate BUT with all the visuals from the card game, so it feels like the real thing except you're on your computer alone.
A tad less sexy I'd say, but when you have nobody to play with locally ... it's perfectly functionnal.

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