I definitely second Stabbey. However, Stabbey, if you ever had a shot at NWN2 toolset, you would have a clear idea of how things could work, and worked amazingly well at that time (9 years ago now ?), both as Permanent worlds and DM directed campaigns, dungeon crawls, one shot stories...
Just another fantasy stretch goal to have people pledge. If it ever makes it in a decent shape (not "the same tool the devs used to create the game, so you have to be a dev to use it properly...", or whatever, you know...), then just make it like NWN2 toolset and system.
But Larian won't make it in a decent and usable state, because to build something like that, you have to think FIRST to create a toolset, and THEN, make something out of it. NOT create something with some tools, and then try to turn theses tools into a toolset, which is what seems to be going on now.

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