Just read your post too. Defiantly there is nothing wrong with your accent, I used to be in a multi-region clan and we all understand and respect each other and know what they are saying, we had so much fun together and learning everyones background and so on!

Well I haven't joined any of these communities but RPGCodex blow their rockets when they hear the word "romance" let me say it again but a sexier way "romance" *winks, bite lips* and now *hides behinds box*

Though they are both great (I'm a leech) they also know whats, what and they do not generally get mean, if they do they just want some brofists :P

Again thanks for your blog, it just reminds me of me :P

I also learned are thing or two when I was giving feedback when D:OS was on alpha, I was looking what I want to see but not what the game needs to make the players have a better experience. I helped allot it was also my first time giving feedback to a early access game because I saw how much love and dedication have put into this game, and I knew it will have many awards even a game of the year awards.

So, do I want to keep sinning for the sequel, hell yes I cannot wait to give my support again when alpha hits, that is why I want to be part of the kickstarter this time because I want to be part of this loving community smile