Just read norD's blog post. It's always nice to hear how devs feel about stuff and in this case I think the devs felt pretty much the same as we fans: that the KS campaign was really a lot of fun, very exhausting, but also very rewarding.

But I think it's also worth to mention that the end of the KS doesn't mean the end of the community. We're still here and I can guarantee that once the game goes live on Early Access on Steam (which is pretty much a given thing) the feedback of the community will rise again.

Only one tipp: if you want to see a really nice community, that can criticize the game heavily but almost always in a civilized way, you have to stay away from the Steam forums and concentrate your presence here, Jeff. No matter how well acclaimed or beloved a developer or a certain game is, negativity is a given thing on the Steam forums in my experience (also with DOS).... wink

Hey, mate, how's going? Sheep are healthy? smile

Edit: If sb wants to add me on Steam, my nick is lordcrash88 wink

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