Wow, I just woke up, as usual, went to KS, just a small 50 more comments and then I came here, 93 comments on this exact topic. I guess everyone moved here as expected!
It warms my heart so much to see all the comment concerning my blog post, haha. I got a message on wordpress saying that "my blog was booming". For sure it was, didn't expected that!

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Jeff, the article on your blog is so beautiful. I could read it all day long hehe .

I think it would get boring at some point, haha. I'll post more in the future for sure.
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I read it already :^p i was even thinking of an in-depth comment, which, for once, wouldn't be something like LOL HAT.

Where's the post then? ^__^
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Aw, Jeff! That's a great article! I'm happy we were able to make it so much fun for you. You were a star in the comment section, and we were glad to have you!

Big thanks. But well, star, I'm just a guy you know.
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Great blog post from Jeff. goes to show how much passion people working at Larian have for the company, the games they produce and the community around them

It's important for Swen and as important to us. Not everyone want to spend countless hours interacting with the community but some are more than welling to do so!
Originally Posted by Thiev

Aww. That was so true. Still fun to watch though.
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Real nice blog there Jeff!
Thanks a lot Penguin!
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Hi Jeff!
~Kai ('Cos you guys will never guess. :P)
Yes, because you posted that on your 1st post here. Remember, I read everything :P
Originally Posted by Devin at Larian

Jeff, you're a sweetheart and it's a pleasure to work with you.

Thanks Devin. We'll have a lot of fun on this incredible journey of making DOS2 for sure!
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Lovely article by Jeff (norD). Don't know why he would hate his accent in English so much - I think I speak for many native English-speakers when I say a Quebecois accent is a very attractive one (don't get a big head though, Jeff, else The Hat won't fit!).
Insert shy face here. Thanks a lot for that. (I still hate hearing me, haha. Even in French!)
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Again thanks for your blog, it just reminds me of me :P
Thanks a lot ^__^. My English is doing better and better every day.
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I'm gonna miss Jeff's many hours in the comment section.
I'm going to miss you guys too. But I guess the party will keep going here.
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Just read norD's blog post. It's always nice to hear how devs feel about stuff and in this case I think the devs felt pretty much the same as we fans: that the KS campaign was really a lot of fun, very exhausting, but also very rewarding.
Yes it was! I took a day off, haha.
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Interesting read on Jeffs blog. Quite shocked he had to work for Ubisoft. Where's greenpeace when you need it? Poor little weresheep...
I won't comment on that a lot but, I've worked at Ubisoft for 10 years. If it would have been THAT bad, I wouldn't have stayed there that long smile Thanks for reading my post!