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Morning all,

Last day before the weekend so that's good. Hope I find the time to play some Baldurs Gate, need to finish that game before the EE comes out.

@LordW Ah yes, a new Bond movie this year, great news. I hope the new Star Wars is any good.

Yes weekend finally! Don't you mean to say play EE of baldurs gate before they release new expansion?? I myself will try to finish Divinity 2 (after 2 moths... so little time to game now.. :-( )

About star wars, I hope it will be good because Disney will be choking us with so many films from that universe that it would be pity if I didn't want to watch it.

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Larian made DoS 1 then DoS EE and now they are doing DoS 2, that is 3 games... DIVINITY 3 is comfirmed guys!