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Morning all,

Last day before the weekend so that's good. Hope I find the time to play some Baldurs Gate, need to finish that game before the EE comes out.

@LordW Ah yes, a new Bond movie this year, great news. I hope the new Star Wars is any good.

Yes weekend finally! Don't you mean to say play EE of baldurs gate before they release new expansion?? I myself will try to finish Divinity 2 (after 2 moths... so little time to game now.. :-( )

About star wars, I hope it will be good because Disney will be choking us with so many films from that universe that it would be pity if I didn't want to watch it.

No the regular version of BG1(not EE) from GOG. Never played it before but had it for ages in my library. Played BG2 when it came out, was the game that really got me into rpg's, since then I almost don't play anything else. But not enough time to play them all, major backlog.

Yeah if Star Wars isn't good they will rub it in our face for years. I so badly need a good SW movie.

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