For those who haven't watched the stream where they talked about the editor, check it out:

They're looking into: making terrain generation more efficient (adding textures to terrains with 1 move instead of the dozens you need now), undo terrain, and terrain prefabs/moving terrain, letting multiple people work on a map at the same time, improving the wall tool and let you generate roofs more easily, and giving modders the generic files for making new models and whatnot.

What you can now do: resize terrain, have a brand new dialog editor that visually sorts the dialog (is so great! See 13 minutes in for that) and will include various dialog templates

Regarding the GM mode, it seems like their focus is the ability to add things on the fly and change basic parameters, but not necesarilly making wide sweeping changes, and removing things and taking control of monsters will be more difficult because it might wreak havoc with the scripts. And Swen was throwing the word "template" around a lot -- and here's the kicker: He wants modders to be able to create templates and tools for the GM mode so we could easily plug in quests, creatures, items, and whole systems (like, for example, ressurect tools, tools for the GM to manipulate the mod in general), and GMs could get these tools from steam workshop/nexus. And I think the most important thing for the GM mode is to let modders do most of the work, but to set up this malleability well.

I probably missed some things, and the video is interesting overall, so go watch it!

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