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For those who haven't watched the stream where they talked about the editor, check it out:

It's sad, we had so much problem with the stream at that time that we spent 40 minutes trying to get me on it from Quebec and it didn't worked in the end...
We had so much stuff to talk about but I guess we will give you more update in the future.

I'll have a personal look at all the tools you told be to have a look at. I never used NWN tools myself so I guess that'll be great to see.

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1. For user-friendlyness try to look at games like little big planet, Mario Maker and Disney Infinity.

I've used everyone of those and I can understand why you post them as examples for user-friendlyness but keep in mind that 2 of theses are from 2D platformer and 1 is for super grid placement (mario maker) with a pretty narrow range of possibilities. The other is 3D but everything is also placed on a grid and there is no terrain manipulation, texturing and other "big" stuff to do. You can do cool stuff in Disney Infinity but it's still pretty "simple".
We will never have an editor that is that user-friendly because creating a game like D:OS demands a lot of freedom and manipulation. On the other hand, we still want to make it easier to use and understand.

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So along those lines, I will add a big request NOT to give us a simplified version just for the community, but rather please maintain the original goal of providing us with the editor that you yourselves use.

Well, for a lot of "you out there" it seems that it was pretty much the big problem no? The tool we use is NOT super friendly for non-profesionnal. If we would release the exact tool that we use I'm pretty sure we would get a lot of complains.