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Who said anything about forced? Hell, if you had read my first bit I talked about the OPTION to control multiple characters, which through that OPTION you get competitive questing in Single Player.

I included the word "forced" to specify that I didn't care if it was an option as long as it wasn't the ONLY option.

Also DM Mode is a completely separate animal from the main campaign so that isn't even included in there.

Resources and time will be spent on it, so it matters. But I suppose someone did make the good point - that DM mode might be multi-player only, but Love and Hate is more of a single-player only thing.

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Sabotaging yourself in single player makes no sense (and is entirely optional in multiplayer), but competitive questing will result in there being more options and quest solutions, and NPCs reacting more to your characters as individuals than as a group, more replayability, etc.

Maybe... but I tried thinking about that from a different angle, and wondered what would prevent those options and quest solutions from appearing in a single-player game, and only make them possible in a multiplayer game. Off the top of my head, I couldn't think of anything which would prevent those choices from appearing in a hypothetical single-player only game. In my opinion, that makes the argument - that it is only the presence of multiplayer which is responsible for that wealth of choice - hold less water.