I believe I may have the best of two worlds since I'm going to play it coop with 1 friend, meaning we should get Love&Hate from the second character we control each =)

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i ask, b/c i like the challenge of playing a game solo that is originally meant to be played in a group (like eg baldurs gate)

Same here :p
Sure it goes against all the hard work done for the game but as a challenge for a new playthrough it's neat !
Although I think I had an answer to that, which was that it should be very possible. Especially with the Mask should it be interesting to do. Although it depends on whether there will be 4-men based puzzles ( like, everyone has to split up for a bit in order to stand on a different pressure plate ). Also depends on the possible inclusion of a Lone Wolf equivalent, which sounds harder to do this time around since the game is designed for 4 characters rather than 2+2.

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