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For those who haven't watched the stream where they talked about the editor, check it out:

Finally had a chance to watch this thing.

Few thoughts:

1. On the stream they mentioned not being sure why people were bringing up Prefabs when they already have that functionality.

Personally I could never get this to work right. I try creating a prefab and it just causes crashes. Maybe in the newer version this works better, or maybe it always worked fine...If you had developer mode.

2. Dialog Editor:

It's great that the old editor files open in the new one.

I think the actual dialog should be a little larger though. The high level overview is nice but it doesn't look very pleasant to type in.

Or perhaps is there a dialog pane where you can see that and it just wasn't shown?

3. Game Master mode and relating to the editor:

It was also mentioned that the community could make templates for people to use in GM mode. Just make sure to include a fair amount with the game's base otherwise the mode will never take off in the first place.