I think Larian should reconsider the depth of the love&hate aspect for SP which means that it should go even deeper than they said in the KS video updates. For example, Swen said that companions would only tell you if they like or dislike certain action of the PC but they'd never actively act against the PC. I think that if Larian really want DOS 2 to be their very own BG2 they should aim for similar depth for interaction with your companions which means that some of them should be able to turn against you in case you act severly and thouroughly against their convictions. Of course D&D is based on a rigid set of attitudes (good, neutral, bad and its detailed attitudes) but something like that already exists in DOS with the predefined character traits for your 2nd PC (like loyal, charming, friendly). I think the system could work similarly, but - and that's good - also in a way more differentiated manner which means that the relationship between characters is based on various traits and a chain of respective actions of the PC.

Of course a system like that would require a goood amount of available companions (along the lines of BG2 or more) so that you have a chance to build up a party that "follows" your ethical attitude within the game and so that you have a chance to substitute characters that leave your party or even turn against you if you act in opposition to their convictions.

I really hope Larian gives this a second thought because it would imo enhance the narrative experience for the SP in a way many people have good memories of after playing the old Infinity engine games. It would give party interaction and the relationship to your companions a more realistic and more in-depth aspect that would give you another incentive to reconsider your narrative decisions within the game aka "Do I really want to kill this guy for money, if it means that this certain companion might be pissed about it and might even leave my party or turn against me?" That would add another layer of narrative depth to the SP experience that would imo make up for the non-existing competitive questing in SP. If Bioware could do it for BG2 in 2001 I'm pretty sure that Larian would be able to pull it off in 2015/2016 as well - even in an advanced and evolved manner. smile