On the other hand, you could call a writer schizophrenic because he writes full blown characters all by himself, including their conversations and eveery other kind of interactions =) Or children who likes to create their little world with their legos and stuff.
but I'm just nitpicking.

I have nothing against full RP control of the characters. Sure, it somehow sounds weird given the apparent goals of Larian which is, this time around, giving real life to the party members. It also somehow defeat the purpose of the hidden agendas, and could even be assimilated to some kind of "cheat" since you could disregard your characters feeling when it doesn't suit your playstyle.
However I fully expect that people wanting to RP the four characters are precisely NOT going to cheat.

What's more, it's "just" a matter of allowing single players to actually fully customize their party right from the start, and I REALLY, REALLY want that feature too. I'm going to play coop anyway, but I never feel like a recruited party member is "mine" when I didn't get to create them myself. In BG, I always create my own party. In PoE I'm annoyed I had to go with companions. In DOS1 I took lone wolf. In Skyrim / tes games I NEVER play with companions ( I feel they are authentic lone wolf kind of games ). Sole exception I had so far is Fallout New Vegas.

So, yeah, while I don't really care about roleplaying all my characters, I really care about having the possibility of creating all my characters myself, and I feel like this is a common goal. So just give us the possibility to add as many handmade characters as we want at the start of the game and everyone's going to be happy =)

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