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Was not Batman terrible annoying to beat with 100% completion? I heard it is quite a chore.

Totally is. Even more in this episode I felt. Arkham Asylum is still my favorite out of the three because of the more intimate setting, the much more pronounced Metroidvania inspiration, and the fact the Riddler riddles were varied and not very annoying, while at the same time being a bit challenging.

In City there were like 200 trophies, the "riddles" ( the best part imho, which is scanning the environnement to find a reference to the Batman universe, based on a riddle, like "Its far from PURRFECT, but she calls it home". The answer will be finding Catwoman's home and taking a picture of it ) were challenging but still visible. The trophies though were a real grind : they literally covered the map and you'd need all tech to be able to get them. Fortunately they were still easy to spot.

In Origins... Let's forget about Origins shall we? It was just a lesser City. Nothing new, a complete grind with a bad story and bad storytelling, they even succeeded in messing up the combat system while not adding anything relevant to it.

And Knight, at last : 243 trophies/riddles/etc before you could summon the Riddler. Riddles are on the verge of pixel hunting, small things hidden in an otherwise ultra detailled environnement ; trophies are somehow hard to spot, there are now races, batmobiles challenges... Yeah it's kind of a chore. Even unlocking all the locations on the map is slightly more annoying.
Not to mention that in order to reach 100% you also have to complete ALL secondary missions, and there are, like, MANY, with varying degrees of frustrations and difficulty. Frak you, you tank mayhem missions. I had to go back to the goold ol' mouse to be reactive and accurate enough to beat them.

Knight really has a great story and storytelling though.

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What? Really?...But I don't do "100%". D:

When you get to the "regular" ending, the game starts a kind of counter which only progress each time your reach 100% in a secondary mission. When everything is at 100, you can summon the real, final ending. So ... Either get ready for a looong session, or summon your dear friend Youtube :p

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