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It just goes to show that everyone looks for different things in their games, and that is totally ok. As long as D:OS 2 does not repeat D:OS 1's mistakes.

Absolutely! And with the way DOS2 seem to be developped, I still strongly believe both playstyles can be accommodated for.

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Yes, exactly. Such a disconnection between the companions and the story is what brought me to just avoid them. They may have some interesting personal stories, I generally play them during a first playthrough ( Bioware games force you to bring companions along anyway ), but if I can avoid them for new playthroughs I will. DOS1 even had a talent to get rid of companions without suffering the consequences gameplay-wise ( sorry, Adora ).
In the end, I just prefer to have a blank slate team to better enjoy the main plot with no awkward, out-of-place companions interactions.

Funny enough, one game that had a nice approach of various companions with their own origin stories was Seiken Densetsu 3 aka Secret of Mana 2. You chose the main character and their story would become the "main" plot. The two others characters would imply different interactions based on where they are coming from whenever you would set foot in their homeland, and their nemesis would be different ( I believe it worked in couples - 6 heroes sharing 3 nemesis ). I always liked that in this game, and this is a reason why I sometimes play it again. ( class system was fun too. )

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