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You are incredibly considerate...I don't know whether there are any references to a father though. Haven't seen it yet.
But as someone that has lost his father earlier this year...even the smallest details will remind him of that event. It's something...that I'd say changes you.
In any case...I thank you already for him to be so foreseeing. You're a good man.
Hopefully someone else will be able to give you a better answer.

Thanks for the kind words. As this is the story of a man isolated on Mars, one may fear the character will come back to Earth only to learn of his relatives' passing - it happens in quite a few SciFi movies I won't name in order to avoid spoilers !

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Hey Dr Koin. I saw the film the other day. I think you're pretty safe in that regard. It is a real rollercoaster of emotions, but I struggle to remember anything about a parent or guardian passing in the book and film.

P.s. hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm still in London after watching the NFL here.

Thanks for the answer, Pen' ! It should safe to watch then. We'll see whenever he comes back, if he feels like it.

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