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After playing Bioware games, I can't really get into the story when I don't have "buddies" with me, with whom I can communicate, share feelings and insights etc.
I tried Witcher (the first one) 3 times, but I was too alone in the world. If there wasn't Siegfried and Shani, I would have ended with it even sooner.

Very true, imagine Mass Effect without Garrus and his awesome voice actor.. or yeah, Tali.. or Dragon Age without Morrigan and the Dwarf (2/3) wink I guess the important companions are different for everyone. Let's just say that Dragon Age and Mass Effect are both my favorite "cinematic" RPG series. Doesn't mean I scoff at good RPG's, but it means that for example, I wasn't a huge fan of the way things were done in PoE....

But I agree that this can be taste... very subjective whether one likes that more movie inspired style or hates it. For me, I like all RPG's.. except the ones where I am puppet master. Funnily in D:OS I had a puppet and a companion. And at the end I really hated my 2 puppets because only my 1 companion (had 1x lone wolf) had any real character.