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BTW that blog was really nice, could you maybe write a little bit more about your experience at ubisoft? I really would like to read that.

If you haven't saw, here you go : https://jfgnord.wordpress.com/

Great post, thanks.

It's really sad when you read stuff about Ubisoft and people almost never differentiate between the people who work for the company and their personal opinion about the games or even only some very top-level management decisions. Many people sadly fail to see that probably 99% of all people working at Ubisoft just want to create the best games possible and that criticizing the studio in the way it's often done on the internet must really hurt them. It became really "en vogue" in the past few years to just literally bash everything Ubisoft, on a level even Activision never experienced. It must be really a nice breath of fresh air for you to actually see people on the internet to appreciate the stuff for and the company you work in for sure... smile