Look, if they are going to do a shitty GM mode like in Sword Coast Legends then don't even waste the money, that DM mode, like the rest of the game, is fucking terrible. Not to mention that whoever came up with the idea to make it a competitive thing is an imbecile that clearly never played a PNP game. A DM is omnipotent in the game, it is genuinely no contest if he is against the players, hence to make it "fair" they drastically, and completely pointlessly, limit the DM to a bad version of Dungeon Keeper.

A proper GM mode needs to have access to full editor capabilities in game, in other words NWN1 or 2 tier. Personally I don't care if you make it possible to do a big open persistent world or not but it needs to have the same level of power to be worth it otherwise it's probably too restrictive.

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