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On the other hand, you could call a writer schizophrenic because he writes full blown characters all by himself, including their conversations and eveery other kind of interactions =) Or children who likes to create their little world with their legos and stuff.
but I'm just nitpicking.

I dunno: I guess that's the skill to being a writer, and not being much of a writer myself, it's not a skill I possess in any great quantity! I think I'd rather let someone else do it... though I reserve the right to be generally disgruntled and discontented either way. laugh

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I tried Witcher (the first one) 3 times, but I was too alone in the world. If there wasn't Siegfried and Shani, I would have ended with it even sooner.

The solitude can sometimes be overwhelming, though I think that's maybe a core part of the game's intended "feel". It was bad enough even when I preferred the lone wolf approach, but after playing games where I'm part of a team (particularly the Bioware stuff) it becomes overpowering. That said, it's not entirely unlike the feeling I had when adventuring in Ego Draconis, especially with the sometimes haunting music.

At least The Witcher 3 has Roach on call most of the time, who has an impressive ability to appear in frequently quite silly locations.

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