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At least The Witcher 3 has Roach on call most of the time, who has an impressive ability to appear in frequently quite silly locations.

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It IS always a possibility I'm completely wrong, not even remotely close to what will be, and that I totally didn't understand how things will be. I still believe the... ah, for a lack of better words let's say "procedural aspect" ( but let's agree immediately THIS is an insult to the writer's work and by no mean my intention ) of the conversations will turn out great as, in my theory of the premades, the writers will actually write the characters by choosing what they'll say in each given situation and how they'll react.

It depends on the angle we'll approach the subject. Let's imagine for a second that they will work just as any cRPG companions with their own will and thought process and personnality. It's only when you start thinking about how all the things they say may actually be deconstructed to work in MP that they'll loose value. Maximilian the redhead warrior dwarf who despises Elfs because he is a Dwarf may very well have a different reaction in MP because the player will not choose [race] as a reaction but [redhead] or [warrior].

Ah, gosh, it's complicated =)
I fully agree that we all come from very different place regarding cRPGs and all have different personnal experience that lead us to prefer this or that in a party based RPGs. I may just be actually very, VERY harsh with companions. As I said I sadly didn't really play a game in which they really mattered, so I'm biased toward thinking they are mostly useless and irrelevant - or at best likable, but still pretty random. I want them to tie with the story, with the ongoing events, to matter. I maintain that DA:O had characters better tied up to the story vs, say, Mass Effect 2 ( especially 2 ).
So either matter, either serve a purpose, or don't stay in my way asking me to retake your castle when I'm trying to save my friend's life ( hi, Nalia! )

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