Interesting characters are created when they have to obey different rules that contradict each other: they need to find a personality and lifestyle that does allow them to combine both aspects.

A monk who is stuck in his phallic or teenage phase (i.e. his main strive is narcissistic supremacy and group dynamics) becomes a politician and ruthless traitor.
When Gwynne wants to pray for her lover, a monk would agree spiritually, a narcissist would dismiss her opinon but this one special bastard would make up an excuse ("free him from worldly matters" or smth). The most problematic aspect is that tags do not even add up, they coexist and your companions will switch between unrelated aspects.
It would not really make sense if "narcissist" would override "monk" and these *placeholder texts* will make it hard to figure out how this person came to the conclusion *items are free to grab*.

That is why I think, in favour of single player experience, we need a lot of content behind "Gwynne"-tags and tie them to "player decision" tags, basically doubling the amount of writing for origins.