I like the way you exposed things. I believe however that whenever a character got tags that seem to contradict each other, our favorite writers will have preselected some to act as the overall "Gwynne" persona over the game, and will have done so in such a way as to avoid inconsistencies. It's probably not going to be procedurally or randomly chosen, or else yes, indeed, the characters won't be consistent throughout the game and just feel like some bad AIs.

The inclusion of Love&Hate will however complicate things, and i guess the writers are going to have to add more lines to match the current relation you have with a specific character. Either a weighted system will kick in or it will still be entirely pre-decided by the writers, I have no idea yet.

OR maybe, after all, the named, premade characters who will act as companions will ALL have their very own set of dialogues and I've been completely wrong from the start. Suits me fine too, really !

At any rate, the game seems to be able to provide a solution to create our own full party for whoever wants to do so. It's another way of playing that even the ol' BG permitted, after all. And it can give replayability. Heck, we are waiting for DOS:EE just because we want to play as a team of double stealth mages ( which may not work as well as we think anymore because of the whole Enhanced thing )

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