I get lost in these walls of text, but here are some thoughts:

- I agree with (lacrymas?) that companions are most memorable when they are involved in the main story. I will remember Kreia, Kaelyn and Safyia forever. From BG2 I will remember Imoen most. From those companions, who are not part of the main story I remember those most, who had most conversation with me. From PST I liked Dakkon most. Endless discussions about the unbroken circle of Zerphimon and other things. I hardly remember the story and companions from mass effect 1+2 (I played only these 2) or similar games. I consider them good action games with more story than most other action games, but not RPG.

- It looks like it is considered normal that there is the main story and most side quests (including those from companions) are optional stuff that is almost never connected to it. I do not like this. The world should appear as one whole thing and not as several islands who exist next to each other without influencing one another.

-But complete isolated things are still better than things connected the wrong way. I mean ME2 style, where solving a companion quest determines if somebody gets shot hours later.

- According to (Dr. Koin?) classification, I am single player, completeonist, min/maxer, full party. When you have a good char, fights are easy so you can focus on the story. I wish I could role play more, but too often story choices affect gameplay too much (Hallo D:OS1 dialogue perks.)

- I liked about D:OS1 that the game did not hold your hand too much. You had the task to solve a murder in the beginning, but there was no arrow pointing to the next step (I mean literally on the screen.) You had to talk to people, dig up graves and search for evidence yourself and there where several ways to do it. In my first game I found the criminal accidentally by bashing some doors.


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