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LOL, I doubt these 100% if you never played Revelations. I mean, really? You missed the best AC... jawdrop

Dayum, it was considered the worst of the Ezio series and of the AC series so I skipped it. Heh, opinion of the masses.

You listen to the masses? And then you played AC 3 and even liked Connor (so did I, by the way...). Something is wrong with that narrative of yours... think hahaha

So maybe it wasn't that bad actually ?

Depends on what you value most, I guess. For me, it's storytelling aka the narrative. And Revelations was easily one of the best or THE best AC game in terms of narrative imo. Also the gameplay was right down my alley. Best tools and a lot of these "platforming" elements. And on top, best outfit of an Assassin in any AC game ever. wink

My whole world is rocked. Is DA2 good too? :o

Better than DAI for sure... meh

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